Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Anugerah & Pencapaian

Anugerah & Pencapaian

Premier Wealth Planner 2012

March 2011
Contracted as Agent
June 2011
Qualify for PRUStarter
August 2011
Qualify for Shenzen - Honh Kong Challenge
 September 2011
30th Ranking in Wealth Planner for Amazingly Yours Challenge
Qualify for Star Club 2011
(Trip to San Francisco - Las Vegas) 
November 2011
Entitle for Executive Wealth Planner 
March 2012
Qualify for Star Club 2012
1 ticket to Munich, Germany (1M)
Qualify Samsung Galaxy Notes Challenge
June 2012
Qualify for Trip to Prague, Czech Rep. (1M & 1P)
Qualify for Trip to Guangzhou, China
August 2012
Qualify for 2nd ticket to Munich (2M & 1P)
October 2012
Entitle for Senior Wealth Planner
November 2012
Qualify for 2nd ticket to Prague (2M & 2P)
Qualify Samsung SIII Challenge

December 2012
Entitle for Premier Wealth Planner

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